The lengthy commercial is a reminder to clean my ductwork

They also clean and sanitize the ductwork upon request

I’ve been meaning to call the heating company, because I want to have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. My allergies have been very bad lately and I am not sleeping very well. I spend hours and hours tossing and turning and trying to fall asleep. I wake up with a scratchy throat and a cough. I spend most of the day sneezing and sniffling. I feel tired and cranky and my friends and family are starting to notice my awful mood. I know my allergies have been acting up and I know this is the reason why I’m not sleeping. A couple of years ago I had the ductwork cleaned and sanitized and it really helped alleviate some of the allergy symptoms that I feel everyday. A long commercial on television every day is a quick reminder that it’s time to clean the ductwork. The HVAC company commercial plays every afternoon during the news and the evening programming. I set an alarm on my phone so I can call the HVAC company tomorrow morning when they open. I know the tune-up will absolutely help the machine work better. During the HVAC tune-up the technician checks on all of the important systems. They check the mechanical and the electrical parts and they change the air filter. They also clean and sanitize the ductwork upon request. I think that I’ll opt for that extra service this time since my allergies are already really bad. I hope they have an open appointment for later during the week so I don’t have to wait very long.


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