The great find

The other morning I happened to be stopping over at our friend’s apartment.

They live in an home complex in town. I had to drop off some papers for them, because every one of us both work the same job plus they were out sick. So they wanted to work from home. As I was leaving I noticed some abandoned shopping carts in the parking lot. Since there is a shopping center close by, a lot of people steal carts plus wheel them into the home complex so they can walk home from wherever. In a single of these abandoned shopping carts I could not know what I found! Several packs of HEPA air filters just laying there! It wasn’t like anyone left them there plus they were coming back to get them. These were literally a ton of HEPA air filters that evidently someone stole plus decided to ditch! I could not find any store price tag on them telling myself and others which store they came from. So, being the shady person i can be sporadically I decided to take advantage of this situation or find, plus I began to take the HEPA air filters plus load them up into our car! HEPA air filters can be pretty extravagant, plus our whole home media air cleaner I have at home needs HEPA air filters in order to run properly. It was coming up on the time that I had to buy some new HEPA air filters. So I said to myself, since these are evidently abandoned, i’ll just take them for myself plus save currency!

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