I found a portable air conditioning!

I couldn’t believe our luck! I found a portable air conditioning component out on the curb for trash. The air conditioning seemed to be in pretty good condition! Of course, I had no method if it would labor but I hoisted it up into our trunk anyway & brought it home. Once one I blocked it in outside of the home complex & waited. Within minutes cold air was pouring out the vent in the front. That was all of the proof I needed. I carried the portable air conditioning 3 flights of stairs up to our apartment. That was no simple job but I’m glad I did it because these apartments have no air conditioning, then my home only has a ceiling fan. This area doesn’t get super hot in the Summer months. A ceiling fan should be good enough. That is, if the windows weren’t nailed shut. The only window that isn’t nailed shut is the one in the kitchen. That is not enough to create air flow, and however, that is enough for me to install a portable air conditioning. It only took me a few minutes to hook up the portable air conditioning in our kitchen. Within minutes the kitchen was nice & cool. Within an minute the whole living room was cool. Within 2 minutes the entire house was chilly cold & I had to change the control component & make it a little bit warmer. However, I can’t stop smiling. I honestly wanted an air conditioning but I couldn’t afford one. Finding a free portable air conditioning is, by far, the best thing that has happened to me all year.

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