Working from home increases my heating and cooling demands

When our company decided to make an unavoidable decision to downsize, they also had a hard time relocating us to work from home.

The obvious setback was the lack of real-time engagement and the resultant delayed feedback from colleagues. Aside from the threat of data security, most employees like me were worried about the effects of having to work from home. I considered everything else except for the heating and cooling demands until I got my power bills a month after starting the work-from-home program. For a moment I panicked because I thought my central air conditioning was faulty so it was using too much power to deliver quality air. On top of that, my air purifier was always on so I did have heavy use of this HVAC technology from the beginning. With the increased residential energy consumption and prolonged use of my quality air conditioner, I probably faced more frequent HVAC maintenance. To be sure I was on the right path, I consulted the local HVAC business on how best to utilize the HVAC system. So he sent over an HVAC serviceman to check the condition of my system and its seer ratings. He then used the results to advise me on the best practices to adopt for efficiency. Luckily my air conditioner service plan was still active so I wouldn’t have to worry about that for another year. I also reached out to my colleagues to find out how they are coping with the changes, one of them was already out shopping for HVAC products for sale to upgrade his systems after learning more about HVAC energy saving options which come with subsidized HVAC installation fees.
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