Wanted an air purifier before everyone else

I have always had really bad allergies. I constantly sneeze, cough and have itchy, watery eyes. Due to this, I have always wanted to get an air purifier. I bought my house in February and decided that I would add an air purification system to my heating equipment. I am also excited to have the excess dust and smells removed from my air quality. Well COVID happened right around the time I was shopping for an air cleaner. What do you know, everyone suddenly wanted a device to clean their indoor air quality. The current air purification system I was looking at got bought out. I wanted an IAQ device that could install right into my heating device and work in tandem with it. Right now I could get an air cleaner that just sits on an end table. It won’t nearly be as powerful and it doesn’t look as good. After all that research, I am not willing to settle. I keep thinking that the COVID scare will die down. I also hope people will have their air purifiers and no longer need to buy out the HVAC companies. I have been waiting almost a year now and I still don’t have my air purification system. It is really irritating since I wanted an air purification device before everyone else. I don’t care about airborne viruses. I actually want the air purifier for the function it was made for. I just don’t want to breathe in dust anymore. I might need to finally cave and buy a not as good model.


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