The heat pump wasn’t in good shape

When my husband and I were looking to buy a new house, there were a lot of things that were on the list. I wanted to have a house that was basically renovated. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money updating the kitchen, bathrooms and redoing the flooring. I was okay adding a fresh coat of paint, but I didn’t want to do much else. My husband wanted a place to park his car that had a covering. He additionally needed some type of tool shed to put his mower, workout equipment and various equipment in there. The house we ended up buying had all of our wants. One thing that he and I had to give on was the state of the HVAC equipment. The house was basically updated with lots of space and all the bells and whistles. Whoever was in the home last didn’t take good care of the heating and cooling system. The existing heat pump system is barely hanging on by a thread. It also operates with ductwork and it is definitely damaged. My husband and I have noticed that the thermostat setting is more wishful thinking. I think there are holes in the air ducts, allowing the treated air to escape the home. This makes the heat pump work harder and potentially allows it to overheat. It is a matter of time where I will need to put money down to take care of the heat pump. It needs professional service, ductwork cleaning and I might even add an air purification system. So buying an updated house didn’t really save me money after all.

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