I thought all I had to do was rest down & study.

One of our university professors asked myself and others if I would rest in on an exam for the freshmen & just make sure almost everyone was taking the test.

I thought it would be the perfect time to rest & get some of our own reading done.

It wasn’t until I walked into the exam room that I found out I was also going to need to watch over the Heating & Air Conditioning professional who was working on the Heating & Air Conditioning unit in the room. They were ripping out all of the aged Heating & Air Conditioning units & installing a new Heating & Air Conditioning system. So much for our being a proctor & getting something done. The multiple minutes ended up being a waste of time for me. I didn’t want to start reading, only to have the Heating & Air Conditioning professional show up. I decided to just rest there & look out the window, while playing on our PC. An minute into the exam, I began thinking about all of the reading I could have gotten done. The Heating & Air Conditioning tech hadn’t yet shown up & there was no genre of notification from him. Half way through the multiple minutes, I provided the students a more than nine minute break. I was sure the Heating & Air Conditioning professional would show up at that time. I stood outside the door when it was time for the teenagers to return, & I saw a young guy in a uniform. He told myself and others he was going to be working on getting the aged Heating & Air Conditioning proposal unhooked & ready to be removed. I had never heard as much noise as what the Heating & Air Conditioning tech made. I was surprised that the teenagers weren’t complaining.


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