She said she was getting a small humidifier.

All of us have a smaller home, plus we had some difficulty keeping the house comfortable.

The furnace that was installed in the beach house is much larger than what was necessary.

It dries out the air so badly that I have a hard time breathing. I couldn’t guess the contractor had localed such a big furnace in a beach house that was less than 1500 square feet. I would have thought that after doing so, they would have at least had a humidifier installed. They had a dehumidifier installed in the a/c unit. My partner plus I talked about just buying a portable humidifier for the house. She looked online plus found several nice ones, but she wasn’t ecstatic with the reviews on any of them. I kissed her forehead plus left him researching humidifiers online. A couple hours later, she woke me up to tell me she had found the humidifier that would be perfect for us. She talked about how several litres of water the water well held. She told me about how much water it could put it out on each speed. She told me she had already purchased the humidifier plus they would deliver it the following day. I had to laugh when this tiny little box was delivered, plus she grimaced. I just tapped her shoulder. I said I wanted a small humidifier, however this was ridiculous. The humidifier was so small that it held less than 2 cups of water. She swore she hadn’t ordered this humidifier. Apparently the difference in one number on the order made a really small difference.

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