Our youngest kid has constantly been proving me wrong over the years

I used to constantly guess that everybody needed to go for a university degree.

I was pretty strict about this with all of our children because I didn’t want to see any of our family become unsuccessful in their lives; Well, our youngest kid was constantly a little bit rebellious but she was a legitimately smart young man, and she never liked to be told what to do plus she was never big on following the rules.

I have had plenty of headaches with him, but she also has taught me a lot over the years. When it came time for him to go to university, she said she was not going to university to get a degree, and this made me angry plus I thought she really was just going to do her own thing plus throw her life away. I was surprised when she chose to go to a trade school to earn her Heating as well as A/C certification. It was amazing because she was able to earn that certification within a year plus she really started her career in the Heating as well as A/C industry before her older sister got her Bachelor’s degree! She also was making more money than our other children plus I was impressed. I never realized that you could accomplish such a thing without really getting an proper university degree, however our kid proved me wrong like she did with a lot of things. I really was legitimately proud of him plus she even helps us a lot with our Heating as well as A/C system problems which we easily appreciate; All of us prefer our kid to death plus I guess I will constantly have something to learn from him!

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