The best hat that I have ever purchased

One of my favorite things to do is to go hiking; Over the years, I l earned a few tips to keep myself cool on the sizzling afternoons, however for starters, it’s always wonderful to wear a quality hat that provides shade from the sun! The next thing I started doing was hooking up a fan to my backpack that blew air on the back of my head… I also hooked up a mini solar panel to my backpack so that the fan would be powered always while I was hiking.

It was a marvelous makeshift cooling system.

I absolutely wished that I could put a portable A/C unit on my backpack, however I figured that would be too bulky, periodically when it was actually hot, I would soak my hat & with the fan blowing air on my soaked hat, I felt great! Eventually I l earned that there were hats that were designed for cooling purposes when people go hiking appreciate myself and others or do other hard activities. I eventually decided to buy a single of these hats with the built in cooling. The cooling method was basically just soaking the hat & there was a clip for the fan to blow on you. I already had the solar panel hooked up to my backpack so I could run the fan as long as I had sunshine. I appreciate the hat with the built in cooling method because it remains soaked for fifths before I have to get it wet again & it reflects the heat of the sunshine away so it actually remains cool. It’s really the best hat that I have ever purchased!


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