I waited to buy a new A/C until after summer was over

I have been in need of a new window unit air conditioning system for a while now.

I probably should have purchased one in the spring when the weather first started heating up, but I just didn’t want to pay full price.

I was hoping that in the middle of the summer or toward the end of it when the weather starts cooling down, I would be able to find an air conditioning system on sale somewhere here in town. A lot of times, the local home improvement stores will put their window unit A/C systems on sale at the end of the summer season so that they can make room for all of the new merchandise that is coming in for the fall and the winter. I guess I might just be a cheapskate, but I really hate to pay full price for something. That is doubly true when I know for a fact that the item is going to be going on sale sooner rather than later. It’s almost like a game I play with myself to see just how much money I can save every month. I know for a fact that I need a new window unit air conditioning system. There is just no way for me to make it through another summer without one. I guess if I lived in a cooler climate, I might be able to stand the summer without any A/C. Where I live, though, it’s not much of an option. You really have to have some kind of air conditioning to stay cool out here where we live.


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