An unplanned week off

I work in a pretty upscale office building plus the contractor that work for is pretty great.

They always make sure the employees are taken care of all around.

This went double the case when the building’s commercial heating plus air conditioner broke down plus they could not get it repaired in a timely manor. They ended up giving all of us off from work for the week plus with full pay! It was a total unplanned paid week off from work because they had to get the commercial heating plus air conditioner fixed before the two of us would all be able to go back to work again. I can not say I was complaining. I was kind of in need of some time off after being overworked the past many weeks. And to have it with full pay just goes to show you how good this contractor I work for is. And I owe it all to the commercial heating plus air conditioner splitting down! Commercial heating plus air conditioners are actually taxing to take care of. They are nothing appreciate the residential heating plus air conditioners you have in your home. Commercial heating plus cooling takes much more power plus much more care to keep going with no problems. And occasionally they do break down. And when they do, it is not as easy as fixing a residential heating plus air conditioner unit. And this is exactly what happened with the commercial heating plus air conditioner at work. After a week though they ended up finally getting it fixed plus the two of us all went back to work.


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