Getting good air with whole house air purifier

I believe one’s life can be much simpler and more satisfying with a measure of cleanliness and organization.

This is certainly true in my life.

And, a lot of it has to do with a focus on being clean and orderly. Even the kids and my wife are game to jump in to maintain our well maintained living space. But, it doesn’t happen by coming home and putting my feet up in the HVAC. There is real effort involved. When I get home, I normally get after a chore or two prior to dinner. But, there is a reward to all that consistent effort. It’s even sort of stress relieving in a way. What really gets me is the fact that when I come home, I know the house is clean. So, it drives me mad that the air does not reflect that. When I walk in the door, I’m hit with HVAC recycled odors that are not reflective of how clean our home is. And my wife and I have tried all sorts of things to make it better. However, all those deodorizers are merely a momentary cover up for the bad air. So, we decided to address this at the source. We called the HVAC people and had them come out to install a whole house air purifier. This was such the right move. And, I love the fact that the whole house air purifier is actively working to clean our air as well. The results were nearly immediate as well. There wasn’t any waiting a week. Within hours, I could tell a difference. A day later and our home smelled as clean and fresh as it actually was.


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