Moving beach house knock of the control device sensor out of venue

I recently moved into this new beach house I had been eyeing for ages however no one was moving out.

So when I heard that an option came up, I moved out of our previous dwelling before the week ended.

The moving crew I hired did a nice job setting up the beach house because I wouldn’t have had the energy to transport myself. My sister later joined myself and others for a week as I got used to the new venue, but for a 3 kitchened maisonette, I like how each of the 2 floors had a dedicated control device controlling each of the cooling and heating device installed on each floor, at first, I was worried that the cost of cooling and heating maintenance would be high but I know I am disciplined enough to regulate temperature well. With our knowledge of more about heating and cooling, energy saving help and tips were at our fingertips. But the week I moved, the upstairs control device wasn’t working well. It was until an air conditioner serviceman came over to inspect it that I noticed the movers knocked it a bit and the sensor moved sideways. For a while, I imagined engaging the landlord with new air conditioner replacement demands however the problem I had was minor although now that the worker was around, I requested him to assess whether duct cleaning was necessary. I also asked to find out if there are any rebates available for residential Heating and Air Conditioning and commercial Heating and Air Conditioning and if the landlord was taking advantage of any that are available. She appeared to guess more about heating and cooling, media air cleaners, and cabin services in general. Once she was done, I decided to get the local repair provider’s contact for future AC needs I might have.
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