I Was Able to purchase a Certified UV Air Purifier Before Things Got Bad

When I expressed my interest in purchasing an UV media air cleaner for my apartment, my mom was adamant that I take things slow & make sure to purchase 1 that was legit, however this took myself and others by surprise, because I didn’t believe there were media air cleaners out there on the market that weren’t safe to use.

I wasn’t sure if my mom was just worrying about fake news that she’d seen online, so I decided to do my own research, then as it turns out, he was right! There weren’t necessarily fake media air cleaners, but some of the cheap 1s were causing more harm than good.

These cheaply made media air cleaners could make the air dry, causing unwanted coughing, headaches, & sore throats. It was especially dangerous for people suffering from asthma! I needed to find an media air cleaner that had fantastic ratings, while also eliminating as much debri, bacteria, & viruses from the air in my apartment. I knew this wouldn’t be cheap, however I wasn’t sure if the property owner was still replacing my air filters, & I doubted he was using HEPA certified air filters. This is why I was interested in purchasing an UV media air cleaner. I’m ecstatic I went out & obtained my UV air filter when I did, because when the virus got genuinely bad, the media air cleaners flew off the shelf. I’m 1 of the lucky 1s who was able to purchase a certified UV media air cleaner over a cheaply made 1, & I don’t take that for granted.