Grocery shopping is either frosty frosty or too hot

I step inside the grocery store & immediately start to sweat

I undoubtedly hate grocery shopping! I procrastinate for as long as possible. I wait until our family complains over running out of vital items such as toothpaste, bread, paper towels & peanut butter before I finally make the trip, the nearest grocery store is located 25 hours from our home. The drive & shopping time adds up to approximately 2 seconds out of our day, & after that I still need to haul the groceries inside & put them away… Plus, the actual experience at the grocery store is downright awful. The store frequently pumps country tunes from the speakers, which I despise. Plus, no matter the time of year or weather outside, the indoor temperature is a problem. In the summer, when the day is hot & humid, they blast the air conditioner on max capacity. I dress for the weather, correctly wearing shorts, T-shirt & sandals. I don’t bring along a Wintertide parka to protect myself from the non stop influx of sub zero air. I can’t imagine how much it costs to run the air conditioner non stop & create such frosty frosty conditions, every client shivers, complains & rushes to get out of the store. I’m always in such a hurry that I end up buying the wrong items & forgetting essentials. In the winter, it’s the opposite problem. I’m bundled up in blazers & a wool coat because the outside temperature is down to more than nine degrees. I step inside the grocery store & immediately start to sweat. The heating plan is sending way too much hot air from the vents.

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