I want my child to understand that you really get what you pay for

I have been telling my child that you typically get what you spend money for, although I don’t know for certain if he gets what I’m saying.

I have had to learn that kind of thing the strenuous way the past few years myself as well as now I want him to learn it also. I used to typically adore buying the cheapest things I could manage. For instance, I would always get the cheapest air filters on the market for my heating as well as cooling equipment when I should have been purchasing HEPA air filters or at least some high quality allergen reducing air filters instead… Both of us should have known that with those cheap air filters, we would not be getting the best indoor air quality in our property. I never really put everything together, though. I kept right on buying the cheap stuff up until the time that my air conditioning equipment stopped working on me. It was the start of the summer months, as well as we were supposed to be getting a really hot summer that year. The weather was heating up as well as the air conditioning equipment stopped finally working. That’s when I made the choice that I was going to save all of this money by hiring a Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer that was cheaper than all of the other ones available. Well, they came out as well as did the air conditioning service for me, as well as pretty soon my property was cooling down quite nicely. However, in just a couple of days, the cooling equipment stopped working again. When I reached out to complain about the fact that they had just fixed it, they charged me to service it all over again!

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