Opening a bar amid COVID problems

My sibling and I opened a beer bar a few weeks ago, even under the strain of Coronavirus! The people I work with and I spent 18 months on the whole deal, from the construction of the building to the option of the hops for our brew… Then nothing was going to stop my sibling and I from opening the beer bar, not even the coronavirus, but when it came time to get ready to open, both of us bought many UV air cleaners to put in the building. The people I work with and I put one UV air cleaner at the front door and another media air cleaner at each end of the building. The people I work with and I also updated to a much better air filter in the HVAC system. The people I work with and I spent about $5,000 to make all of the necessary updates and changes, so all of us could still open as soon as the quarantine was lifted! My sibling and I were set to open in the middle of May, but both of us didn’t open until July 15th, the day the ban was lifted. The grand opening celebration wasn’t as large as both of us anticipated, because both of us had to keep things small in order to maintain social distance… Still, our first few weeks of sales have been amazing and both of us have no doubt it was the right system to open the beer bar despite all challenges. Most of our sales are from drive-ups, but a few people have come indoors to check out the building and meet the staff; everyone in the community has greeted us with positive vibes and the root beer beans fill the entire street with a sweet smell.