Falling Behind

As irritating as they are to those outside their age group, teenagers provide a valuable service with their very presence.

They keep us older folks aware of how far we have fallen behind the times.

What sounds like an awful noise to us is probably the latest hit song. Their strange fashions and hairstyles seem to be proof that aliens are staging a takeover. The good news is that they eventually outgrow it. It may take 20 more years for the process to be complete, but they eventually rejoin the rest of humanity beginning in their late teens. Until then, those hormones that are changing them from kids to adults are in full swing. I think that one day, science will prove that the logic center of a teenage brain is the most affected. I watch my teenager run off to a climate change demonstration, but she forgets to turn off the lights and AC unit in her room. Her devotion to her boyfriend is inversely proportional to the level of his likability to us. The other day she brought home a fine articulate young man who was able to help us program our new smart HVAC thermostat and help me recover some files from my laptop. His father owned an HVAC company that he would eventually take over. My wife and I had dreams of having a son-in-law that would give us the “family discount” on our HVAC maintenance and cleaning needs. Unfortunately, as soon as my daughter realized how well we were getting along with our HVAC godsend, she dumped him in favor of someone whose only skill was with an Xbox gaming console and who conversed using one syllable grunting noises.

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