The storm was a giant help

It is not every single day that you will find someone talking about how a truly terrible snow storm was harshly helpful to them.

But I am going to tell you this.

Why was the snow storm helpful to myself and others you may ask? Well, because it tipped myself and others off that I truly needed to get the air duct of our central heating and a/c program sealed. The snow was actually making the air vents leak a little bit of water. And this was because the snow was getting into the air duct of the central heating and a/c program while I was cranking the heating. So once the storm was done and the roads were clear I picked up the cellphone and called our local heating and a/c business. I told them that I needed a certified heating and a/c specialist to come out as soon as humanly possible to perform a complete air duct sealing on our central heating and a/c. They were able to schedule the Heating and A/C appointment for the next day as no a single else had called them for any giant genre of heat and a/c maintenance labor thankfully. The air duct sealing was actually not as high-priced as I thought it was going to be either. So this was a bit of a bonus, and once the air duct sealing was done, there was no more concerns with leaking water out of our air vents. I could turn on the central heating with no concerns. Also, I noticed that our lake new home was a lot warmer with the air duct sealing being done.
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