A small pit stop

When i was on my way home from work the other day I noticed that the gas tank was running a little low, so I wanted to fill it up.

I stopped at the nearest gas station on the way home, which I hate doing normally during the summer. Simply because I hate having to wait in line in the little store area where you pay for the gas. It is usually hot as ever in there from lack of decent air conditioning. However, much to my surprise when I walked in on this day the air conditioning was actually working great! This was not something I was expecting. Usually the air conditioning may as well not even exist at all it is so bad in there. But this day was different. I had to ask the clerk on duty about the central air conditioning system and why it was finally fully working. He laughed and said he knows all about it and what I am talking about. What had happened was the employees were starting to complain about their work conditions being horrible with bad air conditioning and they were in the process of arranging a strike to get a brand new air conditioning system in there. The gas station could not afford to have nobody working with as busy as it gets, so they invested in a brand new and totally up to date central heating and air conditioning system! I was so happy to hear this story. Cause even the customers were not liking it too much.

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