All of my HVAC business advertising is done through word of mouth

Recently, I answered the phone and it was one of my clients. I am an HVAC technician who works for myself, and I always appreciate it when clients reach out to me. I usually expect people to call me up about some kind of issue with their HVAC system but this elderly lady was just calling to tell me how grateful she was to have me repair her HVAC system. It was during emergency hours, but I don’t believe in charging people an arm and a leg to get their HVAC system repaired. She said the other HVAC companies wanted to charge her an outrageous amount of money that she couldn’t afford, but I was there for her and didn’t even charge her nearly as much money. I feel that’s the way it should be and it’s a big reason why I wanted to work for myself. I wanted to make the rules when it came to the prices for my services, and I wanted my services to be fair. Because I have helped so many people, word has spread about my services and now I am booked all of the time. I mean, I can only do so much, but I help when I can. When this nice lady was thanking me and she asked if there was anything she could do for me, I told her to just spread the word about my services and give my business card to friends and family. She said she would definitely do that for me. This is how I advertise and so far, it has been working great for me.

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