The AC is not my friend right now

The people I was with and I all will manage to get sick sporadically

Whenever I have a cold, I freaking hate to have the air conditioning system running in our house. I guess that possibly sounds weird, especially if I end up with 1 of those super awful summer time colds. I suppose that those are the worst for me. It’s terrible when the weather is heating up outside plus you just want to go chill in the sun with a book, however you can’t breathe because your stupid nose is stuffy plus you have an awful cold. I suppose it’s the worst. I would much rather have a massive cold in the Wintertide if I had to choose! At least then, you’re able to hang out in the condo by the gas fireplace plus just stay cozy plus warm. In the summer, however, everyone else in the condo wants the central air conditioning system constantly turned on because the temperatures outside are really hot. I guess no 1 here in our family feels all that sorry for me when I’m sick during the brutal summer. I keep telling them that having the air conditioning system running full blast all day long just makes me so much worse when I’m sick. I suppose it’s just something about the cold air blowing directly down on me that makes our throat hurt even more plus makes me cough up my lungs like crazy. It’s super annoying, but I guess I shouldn’t make everyone else constantly suffer, either. I wish that I just wouldn’t get sick at all… I guess that’s not really possible, though. The people I was with and I all will manage to get sick sporadically. Maybe I will just have to start moving into the guest room so they can keep the thermostat turned down as low as they want.


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