We’re ready for the animals!

I’m so gleeful that the local exotic zoo is finally going to be opening up again! It has been closed for literally the past multiple months, clearly, ever since all of the shutdowns from the coronavirus started.

You know, this has been really awful for our family, since we tend to spend a whole lot of family time at the zoo, especially on weekends.

The people I was with and I actually have really been missing it plus our teenagers have missed hanging with their number one pets… My child thinks that the elephants are actually his own personal pets, plus he can’t rest easily with the fact that he hasn’t been allowed in to see them! But finally, they are apparently letting people in! Of course, now that we can go to the exotic zoo, the weather is really heating up plus the temperatures outside are almost too hot to enjoy it! The people I was with and I really like the zoo however I’ll tell you, we are also a family who really enjoys being in the air conditioning system. So, when it’s as tepid outside as it has been here lately, we tend to just stay put in the condo plus kneel by the air conditioning system vents, which means that now, we are torn between going to see our pet friends plus staying happily at home where it’s nice plus cool in our central air conditioning system. I sincerely wish that the zoo had a cooling system, however there is only an air conditioning system located in the gift shop plus in the penguin exhibit. That’s a whole lot of outdoor zoo to walk around in, separate from cooling off at all. The people I was with and I are probably planning on getting a membership again, however maybe we shouldn’t.


Heating and air conditioning system