I entirely want to buy a modern window undefined

I entirely want to buy a modern window , however I know that it is absolutely not necessary to buy a modern window , and i want to buy the modern , and I know that our wifey would entirely let me buy the modern window , but there is just something in our heart that is holding me back from buying the modern window

I have had our new window for only two years, window s are made to last much longer than that, so I am trying to avoid buying that window

When I obtained this window , it wasn’t the best model. I didn’t buy the fanciest window because I could not afford it at the time. I obtained the best that I could afford, and I have used the window happily ever since, now, our finances have grown quite a bit, and I could afford to buy a nicer window I have even been looking at a newer that has all sorts of cool features, however, I just do not know if I can justify buying the extravagant window I have a working right now, and the does everything that I need it to, and sure, the may not have all of the features that I want, but it works. I didn’t become rich by wasting currency, and that is why I am hesitating so much about buying the window

a/c tune up