A brand new profession

Several long years ago I wished that I had listened to my family when they tried to discourage me from going into my old job! I was a young, foolish kid who thought that I could be the world’s greatest lawyer.

I wanted to go get my four-year degree before I attended law school and became a professional practitioner of the law, then unfortunately, after I went through all of the trouble of obtaining my degrees and passing the bar exam… I realized that I hated being a lawyer, day in and day out I was dealing with people who have broken the law and want to lie about it. I figured I could do better than this heartless job. Eventually I went back to school – this time to work with my hands instead of my shifty brain, then these days I am finally working as a heating, cooling, and ventilation specialist at a local heating and cooling service dealership. I am glad to say that I appreciate being an Heating & A/C worker more than I liked working as a lawyer. I prefer to get in my car every day, drive from apartment to house, and help citizens to service their indoor air handling devices, occasionally I find that my old lawyer instincts slip through when I am on the heating and cooling service task, you would be surprised how several clients try to lie to you about their heating and cooling items. Every damn day, I know someone is trying to tell me that they’ve had routine repair repairs for their heating and cooling plan when clearly the Heating & A/C units have been neglected. I am often having to get to the bottom of buyer testimony when it comes to air quality control devices and service warranties. I adore being an Heating & A/C worker, however I had been losing faith in humans a long time ago.

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