My yard could really use some work

My wifey plus I needed to have some trees cut down in the backyard, and we hired a business that was working in the neighborhood; They sent a supplier over to our house to supply us an estimate, however i wanted them to cut down a important tree in the back yard plus trim a few trees in the front yard.

We agreed on a price plus the crew was supposed to be here first thing on Sunday afternoon, and unfortunately, they called to cancel on Sunday plus Thursday.

They finally showed up late Thursday afternoon to beginning the job. It was raining lightly plus the yard was full of mud plus debris! As they were splitting a important branch off of the tree, a hunk of wood fell down on top of the A/C unit outside. It hit the top of the a/c with a loud thud. I was resting outside when the incident occurred, plus it sounded enjoy a train wreck. I heard a single of the gentlemen yell plus they turned off the chainsaw. I rushed over to the A/C unit to see the damage. There was a important dent on top of the A/C unit plus I could see a single of the blades was mangled. I told the climber on the job that the damage would need to be fixed. I do not know how much it’s going to cost to repair the damage, but I am not going to pay for any of the tree work until they properly repair all of the damage. They should have been more careful when they were lowering the branch.
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