AC troubles on a spooky Wednesday the 13th

Both of us had an all night horror film fest the other night, but this is the sort of thing our friends and I used to do all the time back in private school.

That was ages ago, mind you, and both of us all have tasks and families and that kind of crap these afternoons, so our film fests are not as frequent, or as long, as they used to be.

This a single almost got curtailed halfway through the first film, which was area a single of a six-film Wednesday the 13th marathon both of us had planned out due to the date. It being an actual Wednesday the 13th might have brought on the disappointing luck that shut down the , then granted, the central AC in our apartment is pretty old, but the fact it decided to split down at that time, on that night, was kind of spooky. Thankfully Gus was there, and Gus works area time for a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealership where she is a sales rep, then she is actually not a trained Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech, however she knew more than the rest of us so she was put in charge of fixing it. She ended up calling up an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech friend of his, who stepped him through the entire process of what to do while on the cellphone, whatever she did, it worked, because the AC turned back on and worked great, and both of us dove back into the gore and horror. The weirdest area is that other than that Wednesday the 13th, the AC has regularly worked great, both before and after.