A close call

I remember back when I used to work as a heating as well as a/c specialist I had some pretty dangerous jobs a few times.

Working a lot in commercial heating as well as a/c repair it was a bit odd than your average heating as well as a/c worker… One time I had a entirely close call while working in a church trying to repair their commercial heating as well as air conditioner.

I was way up on a scaffold because it was a cathedral type church, as well as the air vents were all the way up there. After the repair of the commercial heating as well as a/c proposal I had to make some new adjustments to the air vents which were not directed officially in the church. Well, to make a long story short the scaffold had a little issue as well as it came entirely close to myself and others falling almost 50 feet to my death to the difficult brick flooring of the church! Lucky for myself and others I had a safety restraint on, so when it all went wrong I was protected by that as well as was able to sort of scale my way down the wall back to the ground safely. But that was an harshly close call! And this was also what ended up leading to myself and others leaving the heating as well as a/c corporation I was working for. I ended up going to work for a heating as well as a/c contractor that only dealt in residential heating as well as a/c upgrade as well as repair. With that it was safe as well as there would never be any dangers.



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