Local politics are comical

I have to tell you that some local politicians both of us have had in our area over the years do some pretty comical things to try to buy votes.

Some of them were so off the wall they should be the basis for some comedy program on TV! One time I remember a local politician running for the head of the state was trying to buy votes by having her son, who was a certified HVAC specialist give away free heating as well as cooling program tune ups as well as repairs to anyone who supported this guy, but how pathetic can you get! That was so hilarious as well as it backfired in her face heavily.

It was so evident as well as outright in your face that she was pretty much saying that if you vote for him she will pay you in free HVAC services to do so. She ended up getting kicked out of the race before the voting ever took stadium because of that. And her kid the certified HVAC specialist ended up getting fired from her job at the heating as well as cooling supplier she was toiling for as well as was never allowed to work in the HVAC corporation again in the state in which both of us all live in. I thought that was even more funny as well as served him right for being such a puppet as well as a slimebag for her scam artist father! I could tell you several other stories that happened over the years just adore this, however the HVAC related a single was the absolute most classic with the best ending in our opinion.

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