The little ones that I babysit throw toys in their HVAC vents

The kids that I babysit keep on throwing toys down in the air vents in their room.

I don’t truly know why they assume that it’s so much fun to do that, but this is the ninth time that I have caught them doing it.

I assume that they must have the impression that it’s funny to see their toys disappear down the hole in their floor. I assume it’s a wonderful thing that there is only one heating vent in their area, however otherwise, there would be toys in the ventilations ducts all over their household… For some reason, the little ones don’t mess with any of the other heating vents in the rest of the household but they assume that the heating vent in their room is entirely game. They simply pry the cover off of the air vent in the floor of their room plus then they start shoveling their blocks plus their books plus stuffed animals down in there. It’s so difficult for me because I guess that I’m going to have to clean all of that stuff out of the air vents before their parents get back to the household at the end of the night. It happens every single time that I babysit over there at their household. I guess that someday they are going to cause some real drawbacks with the heating plus cooling device at their house. However, I assume that it will be something that they will have a tremendous amount of fun doing in the meantime! One day their mother told me that she was thinking that there was something going on with the heating device in their room because the temperature was typically so frigid there. When I told her to check the heating vents, she was shocked to see that there were 3 teddy bears shoved in the HVAC vent!


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We could not even hold choir practice separate from a oil furnace being used

It was far too freezing in the choir room this past year to have our familiar choir practice, and my friend and I usually practice on Monday mornings from 8 until 9 plus my nice friend and I get everything set for Sunday afternoon while in that time… However, this past week, my nice friend and I weren’t able to get anything accomplished because of the fact that it was so freezing there in the choir room.

  • My friend and I aren’t used to that kind of temperature in the choir room to be honest! My friend and I usually have the temperature setting around 70 degrees plus that’s where we genuinely prefer it.

The people in the choir are all older women plus most of us are freezing regularly. That’s especially how it is around this time of the year. The weather has been extremely cold around here this year more than it usually is, however I assume that my nice friend and I must be experiencing some weather conditions change because it seems like our weather conditions are absolutely cooling off. Anyway, my nice friend and I were meant to be getting everything ready for church services on Sunday plus my nice friend and I were not able to get anything taken care of because it was so freezing in the choir room. My friend and I couldn’t go plus practice anywhere else in the building, either, because the acoustics are not so great everywhere else in the building. The service woman at church actually dropped the ball on this. It’s actually one of the only things that she has to do while in the week. I don’t honestly know why she didn’t get the heating device fixed in the choir room. That was such an aggravating time for us in the choir!

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I accidentally voided my HVAC warranty

I accidentally voided my HVAC warranty by trying to fix it myself.

This was probably one of the dumbest things that I have ever done.

The bad thing about it is that I don’t have anyone to blame it on except for myself. I hate it when I do dumb things, and I really hate it when I cost myself a lot of money. That is exactly what has happened in this case though. I initially bought my HVAC system because it was supposedly one of the best ones out on the market. I thought that it would do really well in my house and that it would give me and my family great indoor air quality for years to come. Well, I think that probably would have ended up being the case for us if I had taken care of the HVAC system the way that I probably should have from the beginning. The paperwork clearly said that I needed to have the HVAC system maintained every six months by a professional heating and cooling company. I was supposed to send in the paperwork for each time they did maintenance so that we could maintain the HVAC warranty. Well, even though the great warranty was one of the main reasons that I bought this particular heating and cooling system in the first place, I neglected to keep up with all of the required maintenance that I was supposed to have done. I ended up voiding the warranty and it was my own fault. Now, I have this great HVAC system but it doesn’t have a warranty on it at all.

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I’m installing a new HVAC system in the office

Anyway, I broke down and decided to call the local commercial HVAC company to have them come and do some work on the office building for me

I’m installing a new HVAC system in the office building that I own. I have been the owner of the building for almost ten years now, but I haven’t done very much work on it. It was actually in pretty good shape whenever I took ownership of it, so I didn’t have to do hardly anything at all at first. However, as the years have gone by, things have broken down from time to time and I have had to do some repairs here and there. Recently, I decided that I was going to have to do some major renovations because we were having some terrible problems with the heating and cooling system in the building. Normally, I would just let stuff like that go, but some of my tenants have started to complain about the terrible indoor air quality in their offices. I guess since they pay me rent every month, I should just go ahead and get everything up to speed. The problem is that I don’t really wanna spend all that much money on the building because I have a lot of other projects and investments all around town. I have to make sure that I am putting my money in the right place, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I broke down and decided to call the local commercial HVAC company to have them come and do some work on the office building for me. It is going to end up costing me a whole lot of money, but I guess it’s just something that has to be done.


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Make the most of your heating system

With sealing, caulking, and weather stripping, you can make the most of your heating system.

That’s something that I have learned over the years and I tell everyone the same thing.

Your heating system needs a little bit of help in order to be the best that it can be. No matter how wonderful or high tech the furnace in your house is, if you don’t have proper sealing and caulking on your doors and windows, the heating is just going to fly right out the window, so to speak. That’s what happened to us last year during the winter and that’s when we decided that we were going to have to do something about the doors, windows, and insulation in our house. We were basically paying to send heating out into the entire neighborhood at that point. There were way too many gaps and cracks in the doors and windows in our house and it was getting to be ridiculous. I felt like we were spending a ton of money on our heating bills, but our house felt like it was cold all the time. no matter how high I turned the temperature on the thermostat, the house remained cold. That’s when I realized that most of the heating was escaping out of the house through one way or another. I finally did some work around the house that I should have done a long time ago. I put in a lot of caulking and weather stripping that we had never had before and it really helped with the heating bills.



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I’ve been working as a fireplace specialist in an HVAC company

I’ve been working as a fireplace specialist in an HVAC company here in town for the past year or so.

I really enjoy my job, and most of the time I end up working on gas fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are really easy to use and they are very convenient. Many people around here choose gas fireplaces for their homes, and that really keeps me busy at my job! Since gas fireplaces are so easy to use and maintain, though, some people forget that they still need to have them checked out and maintained every once in a while. One of the main parts of my job is performing annual maintenance on residential gas log fireplaces. I’m actually really busy during the summer months because that is the best time of year to service your fireplace. I mean, when it’s hot outside and you’re using the air conditioning all the time, your fireplace is not exactly going to be busy! It’s good to get it serviced when the weather is hot out because when the temperatures cool off again, you will know that your gas fireplace is all safe, clean, and ready to go for the winter. It has been most of my time at work working on maintaining gas fireplaces around town. However, sometimes people have issues with their gas fireplaces and so I go out and help them figure out the problem. Most of the time I just need to repair an issue and get their pilot lights back up and running again. I love being a fireplace specialist in the HVAC company.


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I don’t know why some people like to use space heaters

I don’t know why some people like to use space heaters in their homes.

I have always been scared of using space heaters in my house, for some reason.

I think that it actually goes back to when I was a little kid and I used to spend the night at my grandma’s house during the winter when I was off of school. I didn’t ever really like the fact that my grandma had space heaters placed here and there around the house, but she always seemed to want to use them for some reason. I think that my grandma thought that space heaters would save her money on her heating and cooling bills. Now that I’m older, I know for a fact that the electric space heaters were actually costing her more on her electricity bills than if she had just turned the thermostat up a couple of degrees. I think that my grandma was just too old and set in her ways or something. She would use her wood burning fireplace a lot but then when she got older, she got to the point where she wouldn’t even use that. She only wanted to sit in her recliner, read her books, and have her electric space heater plugged in right next to her. I always used to worry that one of her books would fall on top of it and cause a fire or something. Now that I am older, I have a house of my own. I never hesitate to turn the heating system up whenever I am too cold though. I will never have a space heater in my own house.

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My brother was using the heater in his dorm as a shelf

My brother was using the heater in his dorm room as a shelf when I went to visit him last week.

When I first walked into his dorm room, I could not even believe what I was seeing.

The place looked like it had been ransacked. When my brother was younger, he was pretty messy, but I assumed that as he grew up he would grow out of it. I thought that once he got his own place or his own college dorm, he would become a little bit neater. However, when I went to visit him that day, I realized that my hopes were definitely unrealized. He was even messier there than he had been at home when we were living together! Anyway, I was supposed to be going to his college to meet him for lunch and to spend the day with him, but the minute that I walked into his dorm room I was shocked and annoyed. The first thing I noticed was that he had an electric space heater plugged in next to his bed. Electric space heaters are completely off limits for people living in dorms because they can be a fire hazard. He was ignoring the rule about electric space heaters, and worse than that, he had clothes hanging all over it! It was like he was using the space heater as an extra closet shelf or something! I could not believe my eyes. I ended up spending the morning cleaning his room and yelling at him about being more responsible about the space heater.


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Cleaning the ductwork in your home usually isn’t necessary

If you’re dealing with a residential ventilation system where there is construction or remodeling work being done, that is a different story.

Cleaning the ductwork in your home usually isn’t all that necessary. A lot of people think that regular ductwork cleaning is all important and that you have to do it on a regular basis. However, that’s not really the case at all. You don’t really have to get your ventilation system cleaned out very often. That’s because your ventilation system is a closed system. Dust and dirt don’t get into it on a regular basis unless there is something wrong with it. For instance, if you are dealing with a broken air duct or if you need to have some ductwork sealing done, you can end up with issues with dirty air ducts. Normally, though, that is just not a problem. I think that sometimes people think that their ventilation system gets really dirty, but with regular wear and tear, that just does not happen. If you’re dealing with a residential ventilation system where there is construction or remodeling work being done, that is a different story. If you are having construction work done in your home or some remodeling projects done, then you are definitely going to want to have your ductwork cleaned out after the project is completed. That’s because fine materials like sawdust and drywall dust can get sucked into your ventilation system and then it just continues to recirculate throughout your home. The good news is that it is an easy fix. When you have stuff like this going on in your home, just call your local HVAC company and schedule a complete professional ductwork cleaning for when your project is over.


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Our parents never wanted to pay the heating bills

Our parents never wanted to pay the heating bills whenever we were growing up.

They had plenty of money to pay the bills with, but they just chose to spend all of that money on other things.

They always told us to put on a sweater and to put extra socks on and things like that instead of turning the thermostat up so that the furnace would run more. I guess that’s just the way that they were, though. They preferred that we use the wood burning fireplace in the living room and the wood stove instead of the electric furnace to heat the house in the winter. My brothers and sisters and I would always complain about how cold it was in our house during the winter, but our parents just never felt sorry for us for some reason. They said that we were warm enough that we wouldn’t freeze, and I guess that was true enough. We may not have been all that warm and toasty during the cold winters at our house when we were growing up, but we didn’t freeze to death, either. I guess that was good enough for us. Looking back on it, we were probably a lot healthier than most people because we had to use a whole lot of body heat to keep ourselves warm during the winter. I think that it really improved our immune systems when we were kids, honestly. I think that our parents were kind of cheap when it came to paying the heating bills, but I guess they had their reasons for it.


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