You’ll need a space heater with window air conditioner units

I moved into a tiny apartment that has window air conditioner units, and they aren’t as bad as I thought they would be.

Even considering that I moved into the apartment during the wicked heat of summer, the A/C has been keeping up with my needs for the most part.

I’m a little worried about what it will be like when the winter rolls around because window A/C units don’t have heating functions in them. I think I’m going to have to invest in a few space heaters to keep it warm in my apartment. Luckily I live in the South so I know it won’t get overly cold, but the way global warming is coming along, I think I will need a heater in every room just to feel comfortable. I’m also a little worried about using space heaters too often and potentially increasing my energy bill, or even experiencing an electrical problem from them being plugged in for too long. I guess I will need to cross these bridges when the time comes. I’m trying my best not to overreact to situations that are so far into the future, and just doing what I can to appropriately respond to the situation at hand. There is no use in becoming anxious over future problems that aren’t even present yet. Responding to situations as they come and preparing for expected situations as best as I am able are the only things that are within my control. Anything that happens outside of that is up to the universe to fix.



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All air purifiers should have HEPA filters

I think having an air purifier is one of the greatest things that people can do for their household, especially if they are in a rental unit.

If you don’t have control over your air conditioning and heating equipment, or even just the quality of the building that you live in, having an air purifier can really improve the air quality of your home.

I would highly suggest having an air purifier that uses HEPA filters because those are the best filters for purifying the air of tiny particles that no one can really see to the naked eye. I think it’s honestly pointless to have air purifiers without HEPA filters. If I’m being really honest though, I know deep down that there are things that HEPA filters are missing in the filtration process, so realistically, we are always going to be breathing in some type of pollution. However, I believe with HEPA filters we can drastically reduce the bad stuff we breathe in. I’m not really a germ freak or overreact about being around germs, but I’ve gotten pretty paranoid about it the past couple of years. My therapist and I have been really working together on overcoming these fears so that I can feel relaxed again, but I just feel like so much fear was instilled within me from the media outlets that it’s hard to remember what it’s like to not think about those things again. I hope that one day I reach a place of peace with all of this because I know it isn’t good for me to be so paranoid and anxious about things that may be out of my control.


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Using air purifiers in addition to a central HVAC is helpful

I have a central air conditioning system and if I’m being honest, I don’t love it.

I’ve noticed that my allergies really don’t care for living in a home with air ducts because the likelihood of dust and tiny particles floating around is a lot higher with them.

Since I’m currently renting, I don’t really have a say about what type of air conditioner and air purifier is installed into the house, so I’ve learned to use my own air purifier in addition to the filters that are in the central HVAC. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely important to regularly swap out the air filters in the HVAC, but I just don’t think it does enough for me and my allergies. Using an air purifier in addition to the central HVAC seems to be a good combination for me that doesn’t irritate my allergies. I got my air purifier on a great holiday sale and it’s really advanced with the technology too. I’m so glad that I am at the point in my life where I really care about my health and wellbeing and don’t mind investing in it. Our health is so important as we have all seen in the last few years, and I don’t think that it should be taken for granted. I find a lot of joy in doing a few things to help my body feel better throughout the day. I’m learning a lot about myself and the human body in general throughout the process, and it’s all pretty fascinating! I hope everyone reaches a point like this.

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Why you should choose energy star products for your heating and cooling systems

I am a firm believer in using brands that have been around for a long time when it comes to heating and cooling equipment. Those brands are reputable and have a lot of experience in doing what they do so you know that your heater and air conditioning unit will run properly. I personally enjoy getting energy star products because they have been around for a long time and tell me that the equipment is not only going to work well but be energy efficient as well. I’ve made the mistake of buying an air conditioner unit that wasn’t an energy star product and I saw my energy bill skyrocket the very first month that I used it. I asked the air conditioning company if I would be able to swap it out after about three months, but my husband didn’t sign up for the warranty so we were basically stuck with it. I was so happy when we moved to a new state and I was able to move into a house that had an energy star air conditioner. Our energy bills decreased again, and I have been using the products ever since! I’m not a brand snob with a lot of other things though. For example, my sister only likes to wear one particular brand of workout clothes, but I could wear a tank top from the dollar store to go out on a run. Certain things don’t need to have a brand name for me, but when it comes to larger investments, I want to have faith in the brand that I’m investing in.

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Why you should change the filters of your air purifier

I work at a pilates studio and ever since the pandemic we have become obsessed with our air filters. Because we are doing exercise and need respiratory systems to be nice and strong, we use HEPA filters in our air purifiers to make sure the air is of high quality. We have air purifiers in every single room of the studio and even more than one air purifier in some rooms. They are not all the same brand air purifier so sometimes it gets annoying having to order different filters for them, but they all serve a purpose! You should be changing the air filters inside of the air purifiers so that they don’t get clogged and leave you with the inability for the air to be properly filtered. Depending on the air purifier and its usage, you should be able to replace the air filter once every couple of months. We change the air filters every six months and that seems to work well for our studio. There are many different cleaning duties we have in the studio, but I don’t mind doing them at all. I love cleaning! And I know that our clients love to walk into a bright and clean studio, so I don’t mind doing the extra work to keep it clean. I keep my house really clean because I enjoy an open environment that facilitates healthy internal dialogue. A dirty or messy environment tends to breed chaotic and messy thinking. I like to keep a clear space for a clear mind, and that has worked really well for me in my life.

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Old air ducts can make a house sound haunted

If you are a homeowner, you should know that air ducts should be replaced between fifteen and twenty years.

Once your air ducts start to reach the later end of their lifetime, you will know it before you even check the calendar.

Old air ducts sound incredibly haunted and can make it feel like ghosts are living in your walls. My youngest daughter was terrified for weeks when our air ducts started to crap out on us because it basically shook the walls when the HVAC would turn on. We started to make up bedtime horror stories about the ghost that lived in our HVAC and how it was speaking to us through the air ducts. My husband and I thought it would be helpful to personify the air duct to make it seem less scary, but my daughter didn’t really agree with it. I think it made her fear the air ducts even more. I’m happy that we were finally able to replace the ducts and get a quiet and clean system in the home again. It’s made such a difference for the overall peace of the house. I didn’t realize how noisy it was and how much stress it was bringing the entire family at all hours of the day. I’m really learning to become aware of how different things contribute to my stress throughout the day, and am starting to make changes to help me feel better. My mental health really hit a steep point last year, so I’m trying to take care of myself more often for myself, my husband, and my kids. I know that I have to be my best for myself in order to be myself for others!


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How to know when your air ducts need to be sealed

My brother is an air conditioning technician and is always trying to give us educational webinars to make sure that our HVACs are well maintained.

  • I greatly take the advice because I truly don’t know the first thing about air conditioning, so I trust his advice.

He’s been talking to us about keeping our air ducts maintained lately. My uncle mentioned that he thought his air ducts needed to be sealed, but apparently his heating ducts just had a connection issue. It’s common to mistake needing to seal air ducts when there is something going on with the connection instead. The most typical way to know if your air ducts need to be sealed is if you are experiencing a leak. My brother said we should feel for leaks with the air conditioning running, and then turn it completely off and check again. He put us on a video call so that he could give us a visual demonstration of how to check air ducts for leaks which was super helpful. I told him that he should start doing workshops or even online videos of common air conditioning and heating issues because he is really passionate about it and honestly great at explaining it. I am a true advocate for people pursuing their passions for teaching other people if they are gifted enough to hold that energy. Not everyone is a natural born teacher, so I always admire when it comes naturally to people. I wish I was a natural born teacher, but I honestly hate talking in front of people because I’m so shy.

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Why a professional should reseal your air ducts

I’ve been seeing a lot of blogs where average people are giving other average people advice on how to seal their own air ducts without professional help.

  • I’m going to give you three reasons as to why you should throw this advice in the garbage and hire a contractor to seal your ducts.

Reason number one is that you aren’t qualified to find every air leak that may be present. It’s common for people to miss air leaks because all of them aren’t obvious. Reason number two is that most people don’t apply the sealant properly and even when it dries, the air duct leak isn’t fully sealed and can reopen faster. Reason number three is that most people don’t buy the good type of sealant that is going to actually repair the air duct leak so that it lasts overtime, so even if you think the job is done, the leak may come back quicker than you think. Experienced technicians will know exactly where to find the leaks, how to apply the sealant, and what sealant will get the job done and make it last. I’m so sick of people thinking they are experts just from reading a blog or watching a video. People go to school for these things for a reason. Home repairs can be simple and it is possible for the average homeowner to do it correctly. My issue is that the information out there on the internet is so surface level and people don’t take the time to do diligent research to ensure they have all the information they need.


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How to seal ductwork without professional help

Contrary to belief, you can actually seal your air ducts without professional help.

My boyfriend who is an air conditioning technician would probably drop kick me if he knew I was saying this, but I’ve seen him seal ducts so many times that I could probably do it in my sleep.

The first thing you want to do is run the air conditioner and inspect the air ducts to find where the leaks are. To find a thermal leak you can run your hands along the duct, or you could listen for air pressure and perhaps whistling noises. Once you find the leak, hold the air duct in place and apply a sealant mask over it. It will take the sealant various times to dry, and that will depend on the type of sealant you get. Once it dries, the leak should be sealed and you shouldn’t have much problems with the air duct anymore. Maybe I am oversimplifying the process, but this is exactly what my boyfriend does whenever I see him repair air ducts. Some people think it’s weird that I accompany my boyfriend to work, but I have a really flexible job and I miss him so much that I don’t mind doing it. I’ve learned a lot about what he does too. I’m able to work in the car by using my hotspot for my computer, so we both work while we get to spend a little bit of time together. Because I have a child and we don’t live together, it can be tough to see each other outside of work sometimes.

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It doesn’t have to be expensive to reseal air ducts

Resealing air ducts is super important to maintain the quality of your central HVAC.

If you don’t seal your ducts as needed, air can leak and condensation can be created which can damage your walls.

It’s better to be ahead of the game when it comes to your air ducts so that the issue doesn’t get worse than it needs to be. Sealing your air ducts doesn’t have to be expensive either! I think many people are under the impression that this type of repair costs a lot of money, but it’s something you could technically do on your own if you understand how the air duct system works. Lots of people seal their own air ducts and then have a technician come to do a larger seal once every couple of years. If you’ve never done it before, I’d recommend watching lots of videos and perhaps even have a professional come do it so that you can watch and learn from it. If you pay attention and take it seriously, you could seal your own air ducts and save yourself some money. I don’t always recommend doing repairs on your own though. Some work really does require professional help. People don’t go to school to learn these things for no reason. My dad went to school to become a firefighter so that he can learn to professionally put out fires. Maybe that’s not the best example, but my point is that people are trained to do things that the average person may not have the knowledge or resources to handle.



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