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The last thing you want to have to deal with on those cold, Missouri nights is a faulty furnace. A malfunctioning furnace can be more than just an annoyance – a cold home can be dangerous for you and your family’s health. Cold weather is always just around the corner in KC. Is your home ready for the next cold front?

If your HVAC is acting up, heating repair services are a great place to start before considering whether you need to replace your furnace altogether. Whether a complete furnace replacement is needed, or your furnace just needs a quick check-up, always make sure only to allow experts to service and inspect your furnace. Furnaces can be complicated and rather dangerous appliances when not handled with care and expertise. Let’s look over some of the common issues a furnace can be faced with that can be fixed through service calls.

Kansas City Furnace Repair

Clogged filters can cause breakdowns in both furnaces and air conditioners. A clogged filter forces your furnace to overwork itself due to the airflow blockage present in the system. This can increase your furnace’s consumption of energy as well as increase the likelihood of a complete breakdown. Make sure you keep an eye on your filters and replace them often – especially during the heating season.
Thermostat malfunctions can also be a source of fire for your furnace’s continued operations. The thermostat is what tells your furnace when to turn on or off. This means your thermostat could be the culprit behind your system’s malfunctioning all on its own. The fix can sometimes be as simple as replacing the batteries in your thermostat, but that’s not always the case. If replacing the batteries and resetting your thermostat doesn’t do the trick, contact an HVAC professional to get you back in working order.
A cracked heat exchanger can be a dangerous issue that is the result of breakdown over time. Cracks can allow carbon monoxide to leak into your home so make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are in kept in working order to detect possible toxin incursions. Regular professional inspections can identify possible cracks before they fully form so you can have peace of mind year-round.
General malfunctions can be caused by any number of issues with your furnace and the system that supports heating your home. If you notice anything out of the ordinary such as strange smells, noises or a reduction in the warmth of the air produced by your system, contact an HVAC specialist to analyze and diagnose the cause of your malfunction

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Your furnace can be the most important utility in your home especially during the colder months of the year so make sure you don’t neglect it. Many issues can be solved with a simple service call from a professional technician, but sometimes the furnace has completely kicked the can and needs to be replaced altogether. Contact All 4 One Heating and Cooling for your HVAC needs.