Who needs an A/C anyway?

Honestly, I do not understand what the big deal is about A/Cs. I do not even understand why people even use A/Cs. It isn’t like the A/C ever made anyone’s life severely better. Sure, an A/C can be nice plus make you pretty comfortable, despite the fact that I will confidently tell you that you do not need an A/C. You can survive just fine without an A/C. I grew up without any A/C at all. A lot of our friends had central A/Cs, plus those that did not have central A/Cs owned window A/Cs in their homes. My parents could afford an A/C, but they did not have an A/C. They did not know that people needed A/Cs. They grew up during the absolutely start of the Heating plus A/C industry, plus they had watched the way the world had changed after the introduction of the A/C. In their opinion, the A/C made people weak plus lazy… Every neighbor that they had that owned an A/C never wanted to do anything besides stay inside all day near the A/C. My parents were determined that they would not let us have an A/C, plus I am so blissful that they did. I spent so much time outside discovering nature. If every one of us would have had an A/C, I doubt that this would be the case. That is why I do not have an A/C, plus that is why I never let our teenagers have an A/C while they were living with me. I believe that A/Cs are a waste of money.
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