Teaching and temperature

One thing that I have learned from being a teacher is that the temperature of a classroom is something that has a huge impact on the way students learn and behave throughout the day. When students are too cold during the day, they tend to become more whiney and complain about everything. When the classroom is too warm, they can become too comfortable and begin to get lazy and sometimes, students will even fall asleep during lessons. I have found a temperature that keeps the students alert yet comfortable, and all it took was a survey of the temperatures that parents use in their own homes. I asked the students to take home a small survey for their parent to complete and return to me by the end of the week. The questions in the survey were in regard to the average temperature they keep their homes throughout the year. I found that most families keep their home around 75 degrees. I started using my smart thermostat to keep the classroom at a comfortable 75 degrees throughout the week and my students had a great reaction to this. Most of them were happy with the temperature, and only a few felt like they needed to bring an extra layer to class. The sleepy kids were alert and I even noticed that they were taking more of an interest in the subject material. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of research to see what makes the students happy in the classroom.

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