She has three months to get me pool party ready

I guess I need to tone up my butt plus belly the most.

Once a year my friend Evan hosts a pool party at his home. It is the highlight of the year. Everyone comes out and drinks all day by the swimming pool. I get prepared physically all year for the pool party day. It shouldn’t matter, but I want to look the best in my suit. Girls are so competitive. I don’t want to look soft plus feel self-conscious too. I consistently start training for the pool party 3 months in advance. I consistently do a lot of cardio like swimming laps, going for a jog or jumping rope. Every now and then I toss in a little weight training to tone my legs arms. This year I am going to go even further. There is a core progression near me that offers private personal training. I am going to have the certified fitness expert get me a pool ready. The woman has 3 months to help me cut weight, tone muscles and look wonderful in a bikini. I already have the suit picked out that I want to look good in. I guess I need to tone up my butt plus belly the most. I am anticipating a lot of jumping, crunches plus lifting. I am willing to do whatever my trainer tells me to do. I want to walk into the pool get-together in a small bikini plus look really good. I usually walk in super worried and uneasy that I have flab hanging over the sides of my bikini.
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