I think it might be worth it for the fitness class

Apparently a new thing now is going to a destination bachelorette event.

I am not ecstatic that I have to travel and spend money on my neighbor Patty.

It is going to be an extravagant, horrible trip. The hotel the bridesmaid plus I are staying in is the fanciest one I have ever booked. I spent almost two times on what I usually do for a room. The hotel has everything you could want however. There are a couple of swimming pools, golf courses plus tennis. There are also quite a few fitness centers in the area. I have to tell you, I am happy to try out the fitness centers. I work out everyday plus I am blissful it won’t be affected by the trip. I saw that a single fitness center offers personal training early in the day. You can do a private session with the personal trainer or do a fitness course with a certified fitness expert. Everyday the group fitness class is a new theme plus taught by a new woman. I guess I am going to do this for the trip. I will get 3 classes in and it is all covered in the hotel rates. It looks like the mornings I will get are physical training, weightlifting plus a spin class. I am kind of excited to try all these modern workouts. The class starts early in the afternoon however. I will have to be careful not to drink too much plus miss that class.

Semi-private fitness training