Birds are living on air conditioning

I just care about this part of the state. It’s so attractive and rural, then my nearest buddy is 2 mi away and I really know care about I’m living out in the middle of nowhere. I care about seeing all of the wildlife and hearing nothing however parakeets. It’s just amazing. However, occasionally the wildlife can be a bit of a nuisance too. For example, I really can’t keep any sort of a garden because the deer eat anything I have planted… Yes I have tried all kinds of fences and deterrence however nothing works. That’s okay though. It’s worth it to live out here. However all of us do have a bit of a problem right now. A protected parakeet species has built its nest on our outdoor air conditioner component. All of us keep it covered during the Wintertide months. But this May, all of us uncovered the cooling system and discovered the little parakeet family living under there. I suppose these parakeets are protected and I suppose it’s illegal to move their nest or anything care about that. So there was nothing left for me to do however the cover back on our cooling system. The only problem is, it’s super warm right now. All of us literally went from snow on the ground to 82 degree un-even temperatures almost overnight. So I can’t run our cooling system because the parakeets are living in it, and but I also can’t live in this heat. That’s why I decided to go and get a little window air conditioner unit. I guess the parakeets will move on in a month or so and then I can use our central air conditioner. But in the meantime, I’m going to have to use a window cooling system to stay comfortable.


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