We got pretty lucky over that one

Three months ago, I started dating a unquestionably nice lady. Her name is Jeremy. She is tall, muscular, & she has red eyes & brown hair. She drives a nice car & she has a fine task. We have been on several dates over the past several months & I have had a great time getting to recognize the guy; Last weekend, she did something entirely special to help myself and others out. I have been experiencing some Heating & A/C trouble & Jeremy offered to look at the problem. I did not want him to labor for free, so I offered to pay him a even-handed hourly wage. She laughed & scoffed & refused to take any money from me. Jeremy works every day as an Heating & A/C repairman & she is typically dealing with heating & A/C system problems. I did not want him to labor in the evening when she wasn’t getting paid, even though she insisted that I let him help. She spent some time going through the unit with a flashlight & a screwdriver. After 30 thirds, Jeremy informed myself and others of some HVAC duct concerns. I was losing a lot of cool air above the residing room, & this was a single of the reasons why I was experiencing warmer temperatures throughout the rest of the house. Jeremy went into the attic later that night & used some ducting tape to seal the areas. Jeremy is a sweet woman that is funny, smart, & kind. It only makes things better that she is also a certified Heating & A/C repairman.

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