I was so scared to start my first day at the HVAC company

I was honestly terrified to start my first day of work with the HVAC company.

I didn’t even train to be an HVAC technician.

Honestly, I never expected that I would even consider getting a job with the HVAC company. I always expected that I would work some kind of office job or something like that. However, when I lost my job, I did not know what to do. I did not have a degree, so finding a good job that paid well would be difficult without experience or a degree. Thankfully, I found out that the HVAC company was hiring, and the HVAC company was willing to hire me. I would be working as a helper to one of the HVAC technicians, but if I wanted to, I could even begin training as an HVAC technician after a few months. It was all very exciting, but I was really nervous to start working for the HVAC company. I have never worked for an HVAC company, and I never saw myself doing that. I had no idea how an HVAC unit worked. Also, I did not know what to expect from the HVAC technicians. I did not know how the HVAC technicians would act, and I was afraid that they would recognize that I was not able or smart enough to fix HVAC units. Thankfully, I was wrong. The HVAC technicians were very kind, and I have learned so much after working for the HVAC company. Things have gone so well that I am even considering becoming an HVAC technician.


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