I can’t make him happy with the a/c

Buying a rental property was a great financial move, but it has been a stresser quite a bit.

The reason is that my one renter calls me constantly with issues.

Lately it has been all about the southern heat and that is his air conditioner doesn’t keep his place cool. I get pictures of his thermostat daily and calls about how hot he is in his apartment. I have literally done everything I can think of and now I am tapping out. First, I tried insulating his entire place so that no cold air is leaking out. The ceilings, baseboards and around the windows all got sealed in tight. Next, I then bought black out blinds for every window in his apartment and stressed not opening the doors all the time. I was hopeful that the sunlight would stop coming in. Next, I tried cleaning the AC system myself. I got a new air filter, washed the condensate drain, cooling coil and dusted the fan blades. Still, my tenant was unhappy. The last thing I did was call a professional air conditioning business. The AC worker said that everything seemed to be fine. Sometimes the southern heat is just too hot even for the air conditioner. The guy still added refrigerant to the AC machine and said that should do the job. Well my tenant is still calling and telling me how unhappy he is. I am sort of hoping he just moves out at this point. I think the AC is not the one at fault here.



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