It took me three afternoons to service my air conditioner

It took me three afternoons to service my air conditioner, however I did it.

I had been meaning to service my air conditioner for weeks, however I kept putting it off.

I have trouble with procrastinating about things that I should not procrastinate on. I waited until it got warm outside to the point that I couldn’t sit it any longer to service my air conditioner. I should have fixed it about a week ago. It took me three long afternoons to service the air conditioner. I had never wanted air conditioner so badly in my life. It was over a hundred degrees outside, plus my condo had to have been around ninety degrees. I thought I was going to die of a heat stroke. I really regretted not fixing my air conditioner sooner at that point. It should have only taken me a few hours to service my air conditioner, however it was so warm that I had to take breaks quite often. I drank so much water to help me believe better! After three long afternoons of working on my air conditioner, I finally fixed it. It was the most attractive feeling ever to turn my air conditioner on plus unquestionably have cool air blow out of it. I vowed to never put off fixing an air conditioner again, hopefully, I won’t have to service my air conditioner ever again, however if I do, I will do it immediately. Air conditioning is too important to procrastinate on fixing. It is so nice to have air conditioner once again. I wish I would have had it sooner, however it was really my own fault.


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