Tried to shuttle cool air around the apartment

When I think back on my twenties it’s one big blur of panicking and being poor.

I never had finances on my side and I was chronically overworked trying to create a life for myself.

I put myself through college, I worked every day, and I usually had several gigs at once. At the same time, I was so poor that I could only afford to live in pitiful residences. Namely, there was one apartment with 4 bedrooms and I shared it with three complete strangers. That was the most uncomfortable living situation I’ve ever had in my life. And it’s not only because of the social pressures of living with people you don’t know. The biggest problem was the indoor air quality. I should say, there was no indoor air quality. This four-bedroom apartment had one single AC unit which was located in the living room. In order to get air to your bedroom we would often set up box fans to try to disperse the high quality indoor air throughout the apartment. It never worked. I remember many Summers that it was so hot and humid inside I literally couldn’t sleep at night. That’s when I got extremely desperate and started trying to funnel the AC into my bedroom. I had several powerful utility fans that I purchased and I began setting up a string of them leading from the AC unit to my sweltering hot bedroom. I honestly can’t say that this made a huge difference in my air temperature or air quality… But it made the apartment sound like we were living next to an airport.

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