I scared both my acquaintance plus I when I took the controls of the plane

I absolutely thought it was a good method when my buddy told me to come flying with him. He respectfully gets plane rentals since he was able to earn his pilot’s license. Well, when we were up there, I thought it was really nice, all the views plus everything. It was a certainly good experience. I was feeling a little bit warm though plus so I asked him how to adjust the temperature control settings. He was trying to explain how to adjust the temperature control settings while he was keeping control of the plane. I absolutely had a steering component in front of me as well, plus he finally told me to take control of the plane so he could adjust the temperature control settings. This really scared me because I knew nothing about flying a plane. He explained it to me plus said it was really simple. At that point, I thought I’d rather just try to figure out the temperature control settings to get the A/C working harder in the plane. He said it would only take a hour. Well, I think I scared us both really bad when I made the plane go all over the place because I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. He managed to get the A/C working a little harder plus then took back the control of the plane. He sighed loudly plus said, “Okay, I think that’s the last time I’m going to let you steer the plane!” I was thankful for that, plus I was glad the A/C was working better.

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