Multiple furnace problems and where they occur

Now that we’re in the cooling system and out of the heating system in our area due to the increase of temperatures outside, I can recollect multiple furnace problems that occurred.

These problems were due to irregular heating, ventilation and cooling maintenance.

I went to one home that was located in a more rural area and when I went to take a look at the heat exchanger it was cracked. This is a rather costly expense and it can certainly be prevented if there’s regular maintenance. I received another call right after this one that there was a very loud squealing sound coming from a homeowner’s basement that was from the furnace. There was a frayed blower belt. This was an easy fix for me and not as costly as the heat exchanger for the homeowner. All I had to do was go in my van and find the correct sized blower belt and replace it. People don’t realize that if your furnace is making loud and irregular sounds that don’t sound normal there is something wrong with your furnace. I had a woman wait to call me a week and she stated that there was a scraping sound. The woman should not have waited a week to call our heating and cooling company. It turns out that after I inspected the entire furnace, there was worn out ball bearings. She told me that she didn’t run the furnace much after she heard the sound but by the look of the scraping sound she had to run it for a few extra hours. These were the most common issues I had to inspect and fix as a heating and cooling technician this past winter, all which can be avoided by regular HVAC maintenance.

a/c worker