Dad always insisted that I learn some basic skills

I have a strict mother who raised us to be independent. My sisters turned out absolutely okay but I struggled with the mechanical stuff sometimes. While Dad had done her best to ensure I was all round, I just didn’t like dealing with mechanical stuff & would call my sister Alvin to rescue me whenever I was stuck. Of course I had to bribe him every time too, haha. Anyways, this one time I absolutely need a fine portable A/C for a trip I was making. My fine friend and I had been warned that the cabins there were not always cool despite having ACs installed in each of them. I am one lady that gets fussy & irritable in hot weather so I wasn’t about to lose my composure away from my home… Since I knew I could make this purchase on my own, I had to bribe Alvin to acsupplier me to the Heating plus Air Conditioning store in town. She jumped at the opening without questioning it because she had been requesting for a PS5 & this was the chance for him to call in the favor. She would have to do a few more things to receive it though but I had no way out this time round. My fine friend and I made the first stop at the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation in neighborhood however were not in luck as all their portable ACs were already sold out Apparently there was a sudden demand for these & window ACs. My fine friend and I had to drive three towns away from my place to get a fine quality AC. Alvin helped me opening a brand that was both affordable & functional. I didn’t have any trouble using it when I finally traveled.