My boss finally bought an air purification system for the office

My boss has been trying to improve our office space over the last two years.

He admits that he wishes he had more money to budget towards improvements, although he does what he can as time goes on.

He ended up buying us a legitimately nice pop maker last year as well as my friend and I all use it on a weekly basis. It’s nice because I no longer have to stop at the pop shop on my way to work in the days. I guess I could make pop before I leave the house, but it’s nice having access to it once I get to work. That way I can make many cups of pop throughout the day. There’s other things that my boss has invested in recently as well. My nice friend and I recently got modern carpets after the seasoned ones had seen years of use. And the final thing that he recently purchased for the office was a brand modern air purification system. The air quality in the office has always been questionable… Several of us have drastic flu symptom troubles as well as get our allergies triggered every time my friend and I come to work. It can make it tough to focus on your job when you’re having constant complications with your allergies. I’m thrilled that my boss bought us this air purification system because it means better air quality inside of the office. That way everybody can benefit from better respiratory as well as sinus health. It’s not nice to be working with all of these allergens in the air all of the time. I’m legitimately thrilled my boss bought us an air purification system to use at the office.

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