I didn’t know how to do HVAC marketing.

I spent three weeks on the computer trying to figure out how to do HVAC marketing for my company.

I wanted to put good ads on Facebook, and create a presence on Linked-in and other websites.

I could create accounts on the social media sites, and on LInked-in and other websites, but that didn’t mean I would get any business from them. I never saw any sign where someone had visited my HVAC website. I talked to a friend and asked what he thought about my website and ads. I saw his forehead wrinkle before he said he didn’t know I was doing any HVAC marketing. He asked for my website address, and I gave it to him. He found the website, and looked up and just stared at me. He asked if I saw it? Of course I saw the HVAC website. I had created it. He shook his head and reminded me I was an HVAC technician and an HVAC company owner. I was not an HVAC marketing company. He asked if I wanted a roofer to install my furnace or air conditioning. He wouldn’t want a plumber to do his electrical work. He told me that everyone had a specialty. The HVAC company owner was a specialist in HVAC. The marketing company was a specialist in marketing and creating working websites. I needed to run the HVAC company and let my business and website be advertised by the HVAC marketing expert. I thanked him for nothing and threw my mouse at him. He chuckled and said he knew how I felt. He tried to do his own marketing and website when he first opened his tattoo shop.

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