My Mom’s new air conditioner stopped working briefly

I went to go visit my Mom and she was telling me that she recently had her HVAC redone in her home due to having some issues with it in the past.

She lives in an old home that was built in the 50’s and she has central heating and cooling. She also has a smart thermostat, but she refuses to use the app on her phone to change the temperature of the thermostat because it makes her feel lazy. When I was visiting, we both noticed that it felt really warm in her house. She lives in the south and it is the summer, so it is normally really hot and humid outside. It was about 100 degrees outside that day. My Mom got frustrated because she just got her HVAC redone so everything should’ve been working smoothly. I told her to try turning the thermostat off for a bit, and then turning it back on to see if the air conditioning comes back on cooler. I live in an old apartment and sometimes I have to do that with my air conditioning to give it a little break and it seems to work. We went outside while we waited to turn the air conditioner back on. It was super hot outside and we were sweating up a storm. I told my Mom to use her phone to turn the thermostat back on since she has a smart thermostat and we wanted it to feel cool when we went back inside. My Mom agreed and her phone showed her that the thermostat was back on and set to air conditioning. We walked back inside a few minutes later and we could definitely feel a difference and the air conditioning felt great.

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