Something was awry with the air conditioning

I was late to work yesterday so I practically flew out the door.

The previous night my kid tricked me into watching a movie with her.

It was Summer holiday, so she was home from the university. My kid had a Summer task, which was online writing HVAC articles, so she didn’t have to leave the house and instead worked out of my office. I, on the other hand, had long gone back to the office. During the pandemic, I had to turn an extra room in the house into a home office. I worked there for almost two years, but my boss said we had to go back to the office. So, I left the space for when I had work to do at home. My kid settled in well with her laptop writing HVAC articles for some local HVAC businesses. On this day, I told her bye while flying out the door, and got to work 12 minutes late. At around 11 am, she called saying there was something wrong with the air conditioning. My kid had been in the home office working to beat a deadline when she noticed the room was getting warmer. We had the air conditioning running, so it seemed it had failed and the temperatures inside were rising. Since I was at work I instructed my kid to contact the area HVAC business for assistance. There was one I have a service and repair plan with, and they’d come to inspect the faulty air conditioning. My kid got in touch with them, and two hours later an HVAC worker showed up to the home to repair the faulty air conditioning.