Hired an amateur to save money and ended up spending more money

I’ve heard the quote many times “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional ,wait until you hire an amateur”.

Even though I’ve heard this quote, it didn’t resonate with my brain when I decided to save money and hire an amateur to fix my air conditioning.

To give some background information on the situation, I am a young professional who just bought my first home a few months ago. It’s a two bedroom condo that looks out on a river. It’s old, but I got a great deal on it. When I first moved in, I didn’t have any problems with my air conditioning which I was grateful for because I live in the south. I have central air conditioning and I set my thermostat to reasonable temperatures so my electric bill isn’t insanely high every month. Money has been tight for me since I put my life savings into my down payment on the condo and I’ve had to splurge on removing carpet and painting. Now that it’s the summer, my air conditioning stopped working properly. When I turn the thermostat on, it makes a noise but my condo feels like the heat is on. I tried changing the filter, turning the thermostat on and off and hoping the A/C would just work again magically. I decided to start researching HVAC companies online because I was really hot and uncomfortable. An advertisement popped up for “cheap HVAC”. In my heart I knew this was wrong but my bank account told me to go with the cheap option. Long story short, an inexperienced untrained HVAC technician caused more damage to my air conditioning and I had to hire a professional, experienced company to fix the damage and my air conditioning.



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